THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire

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This introductory book in the Get Rich On Purpose® book series. In THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire, you will learn how to create the mind-set necessary for building wealth and becoming financially independent. There are 10 Secrets to achieving the mindset you must have in order to achieve wealth. In this book you will learn all ten and why they are so important.  Read more about this book …

Couples Guide to Finance







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The Fundamentals of Wealth Creation—Strategies you can Implement NOW!

This book will teach you the fundamentals of getting rich and becoming financially free. You will learn eleven tools for building wealth, and you will learn about the five stages of wealth. You’ll also learn about wealth’s biggest roadblock and how to eliminate it. You’ll learn some simple strategies for becoming a super-saver, and you will learn some Millionaire secrets to create a strong foundation for wealth building and becoming Financially Free!



Becoming a Smart Investor—Simple Strategies to Grow Your Money FAST!

Want to learn what investments work? This book will give you the tools and gold nuggets to learn how to invest and how to determine which investments work, where to invest, and how to avoid fool’s gold. Learn the basics of good investing and get ready to jump into the market, calculate your risk and return, and learn how to create your very own brain trust!

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Building Wealth With Your Own Business—Take control of your DESTINY!

Learn how to take control of your destiny and build wealth with your own business. You’ll learn the basics of starting your own business and how to avoid the top reasons that most businesses fail.