Stewart H. Welch, III National Media: Appearances, Articles and “as quoted in”—


Weekly guest financial expert, Fox 6 “Good Day Alabama” (Tuesday’s 7:20 a.m.)

Former Executive Producer and Host of “Welch Financial In$ights” radio show, WERC 960 AM

Guest appearances on various television and radio shows including CNN, the Fox News Network (New

York) CNBC (New Jersey), and Alabama Public Television (Birmingham)

Former regular guest for NBC affiliate financial segment: “Top of the Morning Show”

Former Executive Producer and Host of cable television program “Welch Profiles: Personal Success

Stories.” This series won first place in the Alabama Cable Television Awards – Public Broadcast

Division. Notable guests included Steve Forbes (Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine), Alabama

Governor Fob James, and international investor Jim Rogers and legendary football star, Bart



Wealth “Giving Advice to Newlyweds” August 8, 2013

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CNBC Featured Guest, June 19, 1997

CompuServe Money Magazine featured guest, April 11, 1996


The Birmingham News, Weekly Columnist

Physician’s Money Digest, Past Member of Editorial Board and Contributing Columnist

Dentist’s Money Digest, Past Member of Editorial Board and Contributing Columnist

The Birmingham Post-Herald, Weekly Columnist 1998-2005


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