THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire

Released May 10, 2016; Now available at your favorite retailer. 

Every worthy goal starts with creating right mindset you need to achieve that goal. In THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire, Stewart H. Welch, III shares with you 10 essential qualities you will need to create a mindset for achieving wealth. This book is the first in the Get Rich On Purpose® book series. It will prepare you for the upcoming books which will give you the tools you  need to create not just wealth, but Financial Freedom in your life.

Starting in his 20’s, Stewart H. Welch, III interviewed dozens of self-made millionaires to discover their secrets to success. His goal was to get inside their minds, learn how to think like they did, and then model their behavior so that he too could become a millionaire. His strategy worked! Stewart became a millionaire himself before age 40.

Over a few short years of interviewing Self-Made Millionaires, what emerged was the realization that these extraordinarily successful people all shared a handful of characteristics, or “Secrets to Success”, that set them apart from everyone else. These success characteristics transformed ordinary people into multi-millionaires who achieved extraordinary results. THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire, reveals the 10 essential qualities you must have in order to create the mindset you must have in order to achieve wealth. Virtually all Self-Made Millionaire have all 10 of these qualities. Most people naturally possess some of the characteristics of Self-Made Millionaires. However, if you are missing just one or two of these 10 Secrets, your chances of becoming a wealthy are very low.

In THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire, you will learn all 10 of these Secrets and how to create the mindset you must have in order to achieve wealth. This book is the first of the  upcoming Get Rich On Purpose® series.

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If you were to ask “What is the single biggest reason people don’t achieve any significant level of wealth?” the answer would be misuse of debt. Mismanagement of debt in our nation by not only individuals as well as businesses and financial lending institutions is a major reason we have some of the serious economic problems we are facing today. We live in a society where it has been easy to borrow money. This is a good thing if you’re borrowing to invest in assets that will help you obtain wealth. However, the vast majority of Americans use this access to easy debt as a way to purchase things that destroy their chances of obtaining financial freedom for themselves and their family. Recent economic challenges have made debt an even bigger problem for families and individuals facing financial challenges such as lost jobs or income, adjustable mortgages, and just too much debt with too little income to repay it.