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Anatomy of a Goal … Revisited

Ultimate Fitness Quest Final Report:  “Anatomy of a Goal, Revisited”.  Most highly successful people are very goal oriented so I wanted to set a personal goal and have readers follow my progress so they could see one in live practice.  On April 4th, I launched the Ultimate Fitness Quest 30-Day Challenge where I set a […]

Student Loan Repayment Strategies

Soon, thousands of college students across America will be graduating and seeking employment.  Soon afterwards, the government will come knocking on their doors asking them to begin making payments on their student loan debt.  As most people are well aware, the job market for graduates remains tight with many graduates having to settle for lower […]

Prince Died without a Will …

Prince Died without a Will… and You? Legendary musician, Prince, recently died suddenly at age 57.  Prince had a reputation as a meticulous businessman and had accumulated an estate worth $300 million.  It’s inconceivable that he would never take the time to draw a last will and testament, but that’s exactly what happened.  My best […]

Wealth Creation: Own Your Own Business

“Wealth Creation—Part 4: Be Your Own Boss” More and more people are considering pursuit of the dream of owning their own business so they can control their own financial destiny.  It also happens to be the number one path to wealth creation. Unfortunately, the majority of new businesses fail within the first four years.  Years […]

Wealth Creation—Invest Like a Millionaire

“Wealth Creation—Part 3: Invest Like a Millionaire” To achieve higher levels of wealth you’ll need to start by learning three basic things: Learn to love saving. A wise lady once told me ‘Sleep on it before you buy it!’  Much of what we spend money on adds very little value to our lives in the […]

Wealth Creation—The 5 Stages of Wealth

“Wealth Creation—Part 2: 5 Stages of Wealth” In Wealth Creation—Part 1, I discussed how to get started investing with as little as $1 a month.  This week, let’s look at the five Stages of Wealth and determine how much you must accumulate to become financially independent. In my upcoming book, “The Fundamentals of Wealth Creation” (publish […]