Stewart on Long-Term Care Insurance


Long Term Care insurance is the protection that you need when you are unable to care for yourself independently whether at a younger age due to an illness or accident or when you reach your retirement years due to normal aging.  LTC has become a critical family issue today because we are living longer due to revolutionary advances in medicine and public health. If you do not have a long term care plan you actually have one by default; you are relying on your own assets and investments, your family and extended family, or the government to take care of you when you become unable to care for yourself.  Owning long term care insurance gives your family choices.  It allows family members to supervise care and provide emotional support rather than be the care givers, and it preserves financial resources.

Plan_Ahead_Cover_for_KindleIf you would like to learn more, there is an excellent book on Long-Term Care insurance called, Plan Ahead, 2nd EditionImportant Questions and Answers Regarding Long-Term Care Insurance by Babs W. Hart of the Hart Insurance GroupThis book is available on in both paperback and Kindle.



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